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School Editing Projects

Winnipeg Indulgence Expo

Winnipeg Night Market

For real world experience we were instructed to find a local website and produce two promotional videos for current events using stock footage and information from the website.
Writer/Editor/Producer/Voice Talent: Chrystal Frost
Software: Adobe CS

Political Promos

Jeff Palmer 2018 Campaign
In The Neighborhood

Jeff Palmer 2018 Campaign
Final Push

* Over 9000 views on Facebook and Twitter

Jeff Palmer 2018 Campaign
Carpool Karaoke

A good friend of mine was running for City Councilor in his ward and I volunteered to help promote his campaign with these videos. He came up with the concepts for each video of which I filmed, edited and produced.
With a late start he came in as a close second and his team attributed these videos to effectively delivering his message to the community in a such a short time period. One of the videos had almost 10,000 views! I had the chance to use a combo of footage from my iPhone 11 pro, my DSLR as well as my Go Pro.
Videographer/Editor/Producer: Chrystal Frost
Software: Adobe CS

Small Business

Dunn Family Auto

Flowers By Melanie

I voluntarily made these two videos for friends of mine who own businesses.
I wanted to try using the Spark Video app to see what I could come up with. To my surprise they liked them! And used them for their websites.
Writer/Editor/Producer/Voice Talent: Chrystal Frost
Software: Adobe Spark Video App


Rivers Edge Resort

A promotional video for a beautiful wedding venue.
The aerial shots and photos were supplied and the rest is all me!
Storyboard/Videographer/Editor/Producer: Chrystal Frost
Software: Adobe CS

Lyric Videos

He Loves Shortbread

Star Boy

More volunteer work to try my hand at lyric videos. The rewards of working with such a talented creative team is being able to give life to their ideas!
Writer: M. Timog
Editor/Video and Audio Producer: Chrystal Frost
Voice Talent: Tyler Mags and Chrystal Frost
Software: Wondershare Filmora

Green Screen

Xmas 2018

One of my very first videos...quality is not a highlight!

Xmas 2019

Xmas 2020

Mele Kalikimaka 2018

No green screen here... but so much fun to make!

The best way to demonstrate my ability to use a green screen is with my annual family Christmas Videos. Enjoy!
Editor/Producer: Chrystal Frost
Talent: The Frosts
Software: Adobe CS/iMovie

On Location

Age and Opportunity - Intro 1

Age and Opportunity - Intro 2

Age and Opportunity - Intro 3

The staff of Age and Opportunity wanted to hold an informational conference to educate more people about the misconceptions of aging people. Before each speaker one of these intro videos would play to introduce their topic of focus.
Videographer/Editor/Producer: Chrystal Frost
Software: Adobe CS

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